Tragic events left Dodger’s previous owner unable to continue giving him the care that he required. When the Charity learned of this, we were more than happy to fund Dodger’s move from his previous home to his new one at Monkey World.

At the ripe old age of 27, albeit on the rather chubby side for a capuchin, Dodger had obviously been well loved by his previous owners. When weighed on arrival he was found to be a hefty 4.7kg, a new and more appropriate diet combined with a large enclosure to investigate has successfully reduced his weight within his first 3 weeks of being at the park

Whilst Dodger adapted incredibly well to his new diet, getting used to his new neighbours and the sights and sounds of the Park which included the noise of the tanks driving past has taken him a little longer to get used to. Dodger has been taking everything at his own pace and the staff have noticed a marked difference in his confidence. He is now comfortable both in the house and outdoor enclosure and is slowly getting used to visitors at the Park.

Dodgers next challenge was his health check, and it was great news to hear that his overall condition was good even if he was a little chubby. Last on the list was a vasectomy to ensure that when he did join a group there would be no unexpected arrivals.

As he is an older male and not very confident yet with crowds, the primate care staff made the decision to introduce him to Gismo’s small group of five capuchins. Gismo and Dodger were introduced to each other away from the ladies, and the staff were surprised by how comfortable they were with each other.   The charity was thrilled to learn that Dodger’s introductions to the four ladies also went extremely well.

We are so pleased that he is settling in so well and now has a family of his own.