When Monkey World received a call from a concerned member of the public who claimed to have rescued a monkey that she found running loose on scaffolding poles in Tower Hamlets, London, our hearts sank, yet another victim of the trade in primates in the UK.

Our good Samaritan was out walking her dog and when she returned to her block of flats the monkey was there. No one knew what to do but then the marmoset jumped to the ground and ran into a reception area. They quickly closed the doors to contain the monkey and managed to catch her.  The caller’s parents kept reptiles and had an empty vivarium so they put the little monkey into the vivarium and waited to see if anyone in the area would come forward to claim the monkey. Two days passed and with no owner coming forward, they called Monkey World to rescue their monkey lodger. Yes another victim of the UK trade in primates as pets!

With no background information available, our latest marmoset rescues past is a mystery. We do however know that she is female and a Geoffroy’s marmoset. The small monkey team at the park were keen to introduce Freya to another of her own kind and decided on Fred as a good match. Fred is also a Geoffroy’s marmoset who had been living with another marmoset called Sammy. However Sammy is quite elderly and by introducing the newly named ‘Freya’ into the group would provide Fred with some company for as and when Sammy passes.

Freya is a confident marmoset with fairly good mobility, she does however show signs of rickets (nutritional bone disease) and her spine has a definite kink to it. Sadly the suffering continues for primates that are victims of the UK pet trade, working alongside Monkey World we will continue to fund and support these rescues but I think you will all agree with me that the day our services are no longer required in this way, just can’t come soon enough.