On the 13th August 2016, Janet, who is physically disabled, set out to complete a 5km + bike ride on her three wheeled bike to help raise funds for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund.

Why did you choose to raise money for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund?
“I chose to raise money for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund as the work that you do is highly important for the primates, and I watch episodes of Monkey Business all the time.”

How was the bike ride?
“I ended up doing 7.4km instead of the 5km. I am really proud of myself as I set myself a goal to go up a retail to meet up with a friend and have a 5 minute pit stop. Never cycled up there before as a lot of it is going uphill. I really enjoyed the ride; when I was finding it difficult I just kept remembering all the cheeky chimps that needed help and support, and that kept me going! The following day I was a little sore, but still got back on my bike!”

How much have you raised?
“I am not sure how much in total I have raised, but between my sponsored form and JustGiving I have raised over £238.00”

The Jim Cronin Memorial Fund want to congratulate Janet for completing her bike ride, and for setting herself the challenge of going up a hill which she had never attempted before and succeeded!
If you want to donate towards Janet’s bike ride, follow the link here for her Just Giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Janet-Barker4