In March 2016, Jessika, who is 11 years old, undertook a series of park run events of 5km each at Nostell Priory. These park runs are timed free runs that are held in parks and other venues locally around the country (and worldwide) every Saturday. Her aim was to achieve each run below a time of 27 minutes, which she had only managed on a few occasions before.

Why did you choose to raise money for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund?
“I have had a big interest in primates since I was young, and have spent a long time reading about them and learning about them. I always knew about Monkey World, but I don’t live in the area and my family were never able to bring me down. Some other wildlife parks have monkeys but they didn’t look as happy as the Monkey World monkeys. For Christmas I asked my mum if I could adopt a chimpanzee. I chose Thelma as her personality reminds me about me. It was when mum looked on your website that she told me there was a programme on TV based at Monkey World. I have been watching these programmes since then. I really like the Monkey Business programme as they really show the proper work that is done and the disgusting ways that chimpanzees are treated in our world by people. I am so grateful for the work Jim Cronin has done and I really want to help.
I am wanting to raise funds for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund as a thank you for all the hard work and love that Jim Cronin did and his team continues to do.”

How were the park runs?
Jessika’s mum wrote: “Jessika did extremely well in her four park run events. Her aim was to achieve each run below a time of 27 minutes as she had only managed this time on a few occasions before. However, the inspiration of the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund made her achieve her personal bests. Her results for the four park runs are as follows:

  • Park run week 1 – 05/03/2016 – 25:19
  • Park run week 2 – 12/03/2016 – 25:30
  • Park run week 3 – 19/03/2016 – 24:33
  • Park run week 4 – 26/03/2016 – 24:55”

How much money have you raised?
Jessika’s mum told us that “Jessika has managed to raise £20.00 through the Just Giving website, and has a cheque for a further £42.60, that she has been saving to bring to Monkey World herself. Jessika’s teachers and school staff sponsored her for a further £22.00 also. Terry Forrest, who is Jessika’s running idol and inspiration, and is usually the overall winner of each park run, kindly donated £10.00 himself.”

The Jim Cronin Memorial Fund want to hugely congratulate Jessika on her performances in her park runs, achieving her goal of being under 27 minutes for each run! Word is that she is in the process of thinking of another physical challenge to raise money for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund! We very much look forward to hearing what she will do next! You can visit Jessika’s Just Giving page here: