On the 31st April 2016, Lois completed a skydive from 15,000 feet to help raise money for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund.

Why did you choose to raise money for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund?
“I’ve studied Animal Management at college and done work experience at Bristol Zoo. I chose to do a skydive as I love animals, especially primates, and I try to do whatever I can to help animal organisations out, including Bristol Dogs Home. Animals are my passion I’ve always watched Monkey World, and from a young age, I always remember the story about Trudy the chimpanzee who was at the circus on the Downs in Bristol just up the road from my house. Being young at the time, maybe 8/10 years old, and it happening in my area, I saw it on the news and I never forgot. My cousin previously did a skydive for another charity and it gave me the idea of doing one too, although I was really scared I just went ahead and booked so there was no backing out.
I chose the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund as I like the work they do, and the story of Trudy that always touched me.”

How was the skydive?
“My cousin had previously done a skydive for another charity, and it gave me the idea of doing one too. Although I was really scared, I just went ahead and booked it so there was no backing out. On the day of the skydive I upgraded to the 15,000ft jump which is they highest they go in the UK.”

How much money have you raised?
“I had a month and a half to raise sponsor money, I was worried I wouldn’t make enough, but managed to raise £1,100.00 on top of the skydive and camera costs, so I was really pleased. I also brought lots of goodies, enrichment toys and material for the primates at Monkey World.
A month after the skydive I drove up to Monkey World to hand over the money I had raised and the toys I had bought. I also found out a week or 2 after I did the skydive that I was pregnant! But I wasn’t aware at the time. I left Monkey World that day adopting Trudy for a year!”

The Jim Cronin Memorial Fund want to congratulate Lois for having completed her skydive and raising £1,100.00 for the charity! We would also like to congratulate on the news of her pregnancy!