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A supporter of Monkey World since: So long I can’t recall the year

Sponsored primate: Freddy

I chose this primate because: Freddy’s floppy ear and milk moustache captured my heart.

My favourite primates and species at Monkey World: The Chimps – Especially the bachelor boys and their cheeky antics.

Past events at Monkey World: Ben Nevis trek and sleepovers.

My favourite Monkey World moment: I don’t have one favourite. There is a special defining moment on every visit to the park. Although my first visit to the park, having found out about it through ‘Monkey Business’ series, was very special.

Why should people sponsor me? I don’t mind if you sponsor me or one of the other supporters taking part in the walk, but please give anything you can in support of the park continuing the amazing work it does in rescuing and rehabilitating animals and raising awareness of their plight.