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A supporter of Monkey World since: 2012

Sponsored primate: Silvestre

I chose this primate because: Watching Monkey Life and Monkey Business the orangutans captured my heart. He was the youngest and cutest!

My favourite primates and species at Monkey World: Orangutans. Their intelligence and thoughtfulness makes them fascinating to watch.

Past events at Monkey World: I’ve been lucky enough to attend many recent events. Sleepovers are always a highlight.

My favourite Monkey World moment: Impossible to pick just one! My first visit and spotting Silvestre in the nursery. Walking around the park first thing in the morning after a sleepover or last thing when the primates are all bedding down is always very special.

Why should people sponsor me? It would be fantastic if people could sponsor any one of the team and help JCMF and Monkey World continue their amazing work for the next 30 years! I turn 40 this year and I wanted to mark this by taking part in a big challenge!