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A supporter of Monkey World since: I grew up watching Monkey Business and Monkey Life on TV. I have adopted chimps twice now and visited the park a few years ago.

Sponsored primate: Bryan

I chose this primate because: The story of how Bryan was rescued from Mexico after being used as a photographer’s prop and having his teeth knocked out really touched my heart.

My favourite primates and species at Monkey World: The Chimps – The similarities between Chimpanzees and humans will never cease to fascinate and intrigue me.

Past events at Monkey World: Unfortunately none, but I hope to make this the first of many!

My favourite Monkey World moment: On a visit a few years ago, Ash was feeling particularly mischievous and throwing handfuls of dirt at visitors, one of which was my boyfriend, straight in the face! I also loved watching the baby orangutans running around with sacks and blankets over their heads fooling around and chasing each other.

Why should people sponsor me? The abuse and mistreatment that so many of the primates at Monkey World have suffered at the hands of humans as photographer’s props, exotic pets or as test subjects in laboratories is utterly incomprehensible to me. By sponsoring me or one of the other group members, we have the chance to help fund the continuation of care and rehabilitation that Monkey World and the JCMF have implemented over the years for these primates and for many more primates in need.