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A supporter of Monkey World since: About 1999

Sponsored primate: Gordon

I chose this primate because: Orangutans are my favourite primate and Gordon was the youngest at the time I first adopted him.

My favourite primates and species at Monkey World: Orangutans. They are so intelligent and I have experience of working with them when volunteering in Borneo.

Past events at Monkey World: Nearly all of them! I particularly love sleepovers.

My favourite Monkey World moment: Too many to choose, but Gordon coming down from a high platform and hurrying across to the window to see me was pretty special. Also seeing Bulu Mata and Rieke for the first time when they were still in nappies.

Why should people sponsor me? Well, I adopt Gordon, the coolest primate in the park! Also, I shall be 60 this year so I want to show you’re never too old to do anything. More importantly, as a JCMF volunteer,  I’ve seen first hand the great work being done and want to help this work continue. The primates of the world need our help more than ever.