Lucy & Liza

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Lucy (left) and Liza (right) are two friends who are taking the walk together. Lucy has been a supporter of Monkey World for nearly a year now whilst Liza is new to the park, hence only Lucy has been able to answer the Monkey World questions at present. She does however expect Liza will be just as “monkey mad” as her by the time she has introduced her to all of her furry friends!

A supporter of Monkey World since: June 2016

Sponsored primate: Rodders

I chose this primate because: I became a supporter of Monkey World following the unexpected death of my own ‘primate mate’ Sylvia in 2015, when she was 40. Monkeys were Sylvia’s favourite animal and I chose Rodders because Sylvia lived in Peckham

My favourite primates and species at Monkey World: I would like to be different, but I’ll be honest & say the Chimpanzees. I love their different characters and the way they interact. It’s amazing how they can tell each other so much without words. If I had to be one of the chips I’d be Arfur. Low ranking, but stress free and always having a good time.

Past events at Monkey World: This will be the first event  I attend at Monkey World, but with Liza’s help I raised over £750 last yearfor the JCMF when we did a welsh three peaks challenge walk together.

My favourite Monkey World moment: I have only visited Monkey World once, which makes this question easier. Crouching down next to the glass at the nursery chimps enclosure and seeing Rodders close up for the first time on what would have been Sylvia’s 42nd birthday last October.

Why should people sponsor me? I’m so impressed by how much Monkey World helps the primates in their care and I want to help continue the wonderful work that started 30 years ago.  It’s so important that abused primates have somewhere they can live natural lives again. Monkey World has also helped me as it’s given me somewhere to channel the love I’ll always have for Sylvia. I am lucky to have other good friends, and long walks with Liza are one of my favourite things. The more sponsorship we raise the less steep the cliffs will seem!