Matty and Louis

The Charity was pleased to fund the move of Matty and Louis from Borth Zoo to Monkey World. Matty a 28-year-old weeper capuchin and Louis a 16-year-old black-capped capuchin had previously lived together alongside some female capuchins.

We checked in with the fantastic capuchin team at Monkey World to find out how they were doing, they said:

A full vet check was carried out, Matty needed a glucosamine supplement as they found evidence of arthritis and much to everyone’s surprise, Louis the capuchin was actually a female and not a male as originally thought. A vasectomy was carried out on Matty to ensure no potential “surprises”.

With Matty and Louis now nicely settled at the park following the move, the staff at Monkey World could begin preparing them for their introduction into Erico’s troop of capuchins. Introductions with the mid-ranking females went amazingly well, with Matty full of enthusiasm and following them around. It was going well and time for the staff at Monkey World to start introducing them to the males in Erico’s troop.  When Matty and Erico met for the first time, it was a little tense at times but overall, it went well.

Integrating new individuals into a new troop is always challenging, but it’s going really well and it’s been wonderful to see them both settling in nicely.