Equipment Grant
Drinkers – Cameroon

The Jim Cronin Memorial Fund was once again very pleased to provide an Equipment Grant to the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Centre, located in Cameroon’s remote Mbargue Forest. Whilst the centre had systems in place to supply water to its satellite cages and for some of its forested enclosures, chimpanzees in three of their enclosures relied solely on caregivers delivering water to them in pitchers throughout the day. The new drinking water spigots, designed by Monkey World, would enable Sanaga-Yong to improve the water access for their rescued chimpanzees.

Primate Caregiver Kim says: “Thanks to the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund’s generous donation of these unique water spigots. We now have ad lib drinking water access in all 7 of our forested enclosures at the centre and we have also been able to make some smaller water drinkers inside our satellite cages for chimpanzees going through the integration phase. Our older, more complicated water systems were prone to technical problems and our caregivers would often need to provide water in pitchers. These ingenious, low tech systems provided by the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund work great consistently, and more importantly our chimpanzees love them! A huge thank you to the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund for your generous contribution, which has improved the lives of our rescued chimpanzees”