The Jim Cronin Memorial Fund was pleased to fund the rescue of Frank.

Frank joined Monkey World on 28th June after his owners felt that he needed a more natural environment to live in, where he could receive the specialist care he needed while being among his own kind.

The keepers at Monkey World had a good friend in mind for him as soon as he arrived. Douglas, another young male Marmoset with a very fun and friendly nature. Douglas approached Frank calmly when first meeting however Frank was very overcome with excitement and enthusiasm that he then ended up scaring off Douglas.

Although their relationship started off a little rocky, by the second day Frank and Douglas bonded well and decided to go to bed in the same basket, which was lovely for the keepers at Monkey World to see.

It is safe to say that Frank is enjoying his fun, new outdoorsy lifestyle and you can see him on sunny days basking in the sunshine. He has picked up great skills like grooming his new friend Douglas, exploring the large, exciting enclosure and foraging for insects in his time here. It is great to see him developing these important skills and fitting in so well and we are excited to see him progress further in his future here.