Microscope and Centrifuge Funding

The charity was pleased to be able to fund the purchase of some new equipment for the Monkey World veterinary hospital. Their old and very well used Microscope and Centrifuge was long past their sell-by date and would be costly to fix them.

We provided them with a Brand new, all singing and dancing “Vetlab Premier 250 Biological Microscope”. Monkey World’s Vet Nurse Saffron said, “The high definition from the Vetlab Premier 250 Biological Microscope is provided by its powerful LED illumination technology, which optimises the image and provides much more detail of the sample compared to our previous microscope which used a halogen bulb ”. 

The VetSpin Duo Veterinary Centrifuge was also provided to the Monkey World veterinary hospital, replacing their very old centrifuge which unfortunately was no longer fit for function. With the brand new working centrifuge, the in house team is now able to complete more essential diagnostic tests without needing to send off samples to a third party.  ” The VetSpin Duo Veterinary Centrifuge is an invaluable diagnostic tool and makes a welcome addition to our in house diagnostic laboratory. ”