Specialist Equipment Grant – Colobus Conservation

When we received a Special Equipment Grant application from Colobus Conservation, we were keen to assist and find out more about their excellent work. They were in desperate need of a Digital X-ray machine to assist them in their work to conserve and protect the threatened primates in Kenya and their habitats.

Colobus Conservation is a non-profit organisation based in South eastern Kenya, where they promote the conservation, preservation, and protection of primates like the vulnerable Angolan Colobus monkey. In their effort to conserve and rehabilitate primates in order to be ready for release back into the wild, they provide emergency healthcare and treatment, supplementary food, enrichment, and general husbandry for the primates in their care.

Before getting in contact with us Colobus Conservation were seriously struggling to provide the level of medical treatment they needed as they were completely reliant on access to X-ray machines available in human hospitals. The inability to readily access an X-Ray machine, when they needed one, meant a slower diagnosis and made it much harder to treat injured or sick primates in a timely manner.

We were able to source a brand-new portable X-Ray machine with full training included for all Colobus Conservation staff, but this was not without problems. The safe transit for this expensive and fragile piece of equipment was not an easy problem to solve, but we got there in the end.