Primate Enrichment Forum

We were pleased to host our first ever Primate Enrichment Forum at the charity’s Education Centre. Unlike our Primate Enrichment Workshops that are incredibly popular with our supporters, this event allowed participants to gain a better understanding of enrichment, the pros and cons of their ideas and crucially, the chance to discuss the most important aspect of giving primates enrichment items, safety! Many seemingly good ideas were met with “aah, I didn’t think of that!”, but there is no better way to understand what will work and what won’t. Once we had discussed and agreed upon the enrichment, our participants got to work!

All of our participants had already attended a Primate Enrichment Workshop and this event took things up a level. There were no pre-made samples and instead of working on projects that they had done before, this was all new. There were a few furrowed brows and in one case sheer brute force to make the items we had agreed upon. Everyone was utterly exhausted at the end of the day but incredibly happy at just how much they had managed to achieve! The pictures speak for themselves and it was clear that the primates at Monkey World enjoyed this event as much as our participants did.