Primate Enrichment Course

On Tuesday 26th June 2018 we hosted our first ever primate enrichment course and as you will see from the pictures below it was a huge success! Participants were put straight to work after they arrived to make the array of items for both the chimpanzees and capuchins at Monkey World. Along the way they learnt about the importance of making new and exciting enrichment for the primates and the many factors that needed to be taken into consideration.
Our participants had an early start the next morning as we needed to transport the fantastic array of enrichment items they had made over to Monkey World before the primates were let out. After final safety checks were complete it was time to venture inside Hananyas enclosure to put out the treats for Hananyas troop. It was a surreal experience for everyone! Once completed our group took their places on the viewing towers to watch the group come out. The excited hoots from the chimpanzees in the group as they found the treats our group had made for them was all the thanks they needed, and a  fantastic time was had by all.