Samuel’s Jog

Samuel jogged 300 laps around his village hall field in 30 days. He wanted to raise money for the primates at Monkey World and we can’t thank him enough!

You can donate to Samuel’s fundraiser by visiting his GoFundMe page:

Well done, Samuel!


JUNE 1, 2020Samuel completed 12 laps around the field this morning.

JUNE 5, 2020 —  Rather wet and windy day here. Just Samuel was out jogging this morning kitted out in his welly boots and rain coat. This made it rather difficult but he still managed 5 laps taking his total to 60 laps.

JUNE 15, 2020So today marks the half way point for Samuel 150 laps. Well done you. It was a rather warm 19 laps completed with granddad this morning. 

JUNE 30, 2020Samuel has completed his laps 301 in total today. Thank you all for your support.