Welfare 4 Wildlife is debated by MP’s!

Welfare 4 Wildlife is debated by MP’s! – Three years ago, we started the Welfare 4 Wildlife petition to help protect primates that are kept as pets in the UK. The petition campaigns for a change in the law to the legal UK pet trade, which currently allows over 66 species of monkey to be kept as pets without a register or needing a license. These primate can be bought as easily as goldfish, often by well-meaning animal lovers from unscrupulous breeders. In recent years, an increasing number of these primates are ending up at Monkey World – Ape Rescue Centre as owners have failed to meet their specialist needs for appropriate diet, social setting and environment.

Thanks to your incredible support – an amazing 110, 764 signatures! – today our petition was discussed by MP’s in an adjournment debate called by Richard Drax., MP for South Dorset. The full press release about the debate can be found by clicking here